Do you have an idea how magic works in this world?
Spence has established that some people (or at least his character does) think its making people lazy

Not quite, but I imagine its much like in Discworld

So wizards in an academy

Math and physics are heavily involved. It’s easy to calculate something wrong, which is when bad things happen.
Yup, pretty cloistered. At least as far as “wizards” are concerned. Other classes derive their magic in other ways

Does everyone on the street know a little magic, or do you have to hire a wizard if you want something enchanted

Like I imagine wizard spells are basically formulas that allow one to manipulate the fabric of reality

Is it tightly regulated like in Dragon Age or does every wealthy merchant and local crimeboss have a wizard

So if wizard magic is like advanced calculus, I imagine that most people do not know much magic. Maybe some people know a basic spell or two, as in most people know some basic math
But anything difficult, it becomes specialist training only
And as far as regulation is concerned, I think it’s sort of between those extremes
They aren’t controlled by the government like they are in Dragon Age
Nor are they particularly altruistic. They tend to be attached to a university, and most of them are more interested in their studies from a purely academic point of view than anything else
But of course, the universities need funding, so they do sell their services to both individuals and governments to generate income. But they try to stay apolitical
I imagine most wizards themselves are used to living a pretty comfortable life. Like tenured professors at prestigious universities. They hang out with mostly other academics, have cushy jobs, and make a comfortable living
Of course, some wizards don’t cut it, either because they never excel at the academics, or because they have trouble mastering the internal politics of the university and make enemies. So those wizards might venture out on their own and wind up in the employ of individuals or be freelance.


Oh, and I was going to add that not everyone trusts wizards. Yes, they’re powerful, but they also are known for messing things up a lot (ie., it looks like a lot of the rules are designed to make spells cause some sort of unintended consequences)So I imagine that yes, I might be respected, but people also breathe a sigh of relief when I leave


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